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Now here's a fantastic, liberating and inexpensive first step for you.

Because I want you to be able to quickly and easily grasp the basics of what your issues are and how you can begin resolving them TODAY...


I'm offering my Overview Consultation for £45

(usual price £110) if booked before end of February 2019

Offer Closed now but watch out for a new offer coming shortly!


This special two-session process takes you straight to the heart of your problems with key steps you can take to resolve them. Then you can get going alone and I will send you a written summary of empowering guidance and techniques which are completely free of charge.


Following on from your overview consultation, you can opt for some ongoing sessions with me where I will listen, guide, encourage, facilitate and inspire you to grow, expand, take charge of your life and BE HAPPY!


There are other Offers from time to time and I will let you know via email when they come up.


Regular Prices:

Individual Sessions £55.  Overview Consultation ££110 Special deal for regular clients: 3 individual sessions for £135

Money Back Guarantee: If you don't feel your sessions with me have made a positive contribution to your life I'll refund your money immediately, no questions!


 Important Notes:

  • The Overview Consultation is offered entirely without obligation.

  • All sessions are via Skype or Whatsapp; very effective media for this work enabling you, as the Client, to relax in your own home during your session.

  • I am always available for one-off sessions after the initial consultation and regular Clients can contact me at any time for help or guidance.


Helping you with issues of :


Anxiety and Fear


Grief  :  Anger


Crisis in your Life


Building Self Esteem


Confidence : Life Purpose

Life Counselling with Lia

A unique and empowering experience

I create an environment where you, as the Client, are able to explore, at the deepest level, who you really are beyond your conditioning. My Life Counselling is about personal empowerment, recognising and letting go of negative behaviour and 'self-talk', building self esteem and learning to value ourselves as conscious, free and happy people.


Developed from my extensive Counselling experience of over 25 years, my innovative approach offers you non-judgemental listening, key psychological/spiritual guidance, ways to work with affirmations and positive thinking, radical forgiveness practices, visualisations and meditations plus skills you can use in your everyday life.


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